Spin the bottle

I feel like the game “Spin the Bottle” with these tights. These are Oroblu “Brooke” tights. Wonderful abstract sharp shapes and lines. Clear and bold. The backs were opaque black. Comfortable but maybe it’s the way I walk or that my toes and feet are permanently numb, they twisted. They should look like this… but later looked like this… This is actually not a great picture of the movement and earlier in the day they had twisted more than this representation but you get my meaning. Good solid tights but be wary of the positioning after a few hours wear.

Delayed hosiery

Delayed hosiery

Here’s some delayed hosiery on display. I’ve cheated a bit this year and thought I’d try¬† a different tactic. Previously I’d post with fresh pictures and a rushed blurb just before setting off to work. This year I’ve delayed posting and thought I’d save time by scheduling them. Both methods have their good points but today’s post will highlight a bad point of the scheduled method. These tights were worn five months ago! These are Falke “anthra new”. A raised lined pattern, ridges I suppose in a not really black, not really grey but slate colour. They were lovely, soft, […]

I’m causing a stir

I'm causing a stir

I’m causing a stir with these Gipsy Cyclone tights. What a great design! The black on near skin effect of the pattern really make it stand out and the spacing between lines stops it from being boring.

“Oroblu Miss”ed me

"Oroblu Miss"ed me

Over the Summer months I’ve “Oroblu Miss”ed me looking at all the beautiful hosiery I could buy. Granted Summer probably isn’t the season for tights so the range of designs has been a bit sparse. I did manage to grab some out of season specials so all was not lost. I got these out and look at the detail! A dotted waist band and a faux panty line for modesty, just in case you’ve spend all your money on silly expensive tights and none on knickers. I was impressed a nice, flash touch I thought. These are Oroblu “Miss” tights […]

Grey Veneziana

grey Veneziana

Grey Veneziana Gilda tights today. 60den, but didn’t feel it. They were comfortable and not too tight. They had a shorter gusset and body so I did feel that bit pull down but the pattern of mixed chevrons and lines was clear eventhough they were a different colour to the usual black.   I also thought I should share what I wore yesterday, a repeat wear of these purple criss cross tights.

Bacara 05 Gabriella

Bacara 05 Gabriella

Bacara 05 by Gabriella today. Here’s the straight on view, So a spiral pattern throughout the leg broken up with geometric shapes along the side making an unusual and eye catching pattern. They felt a bit scratchy when I put them on but I have been wearing some quite glamorous hosiery lately and the feeling wasn’t uncomfortable just different.

Busy Blog Day

Cette "Tulsa" Black Tights from mystockings

After a quiet blogging couple of days I’ve got a busy blog day today, with potential for two new posts and a third that’s part of an ongoing project. Following the start of the week with a shipment of new hosiery, yesterday I got the final instalment from mystockings. However it now looks like they’ve got a new batch of tights and stockings, which as usual look fantastic, and I want them ALL!