Shopping with an extra friend.

Let’s go shopping with an extra friend. Hidden under my skirts is Met up with some wonderful ladies and did lunch and a shop. I bought along an extra friend in the guise of a panda bear. FP has always been a fan of pandas and hopefully in her growing years this has continued. Well we all hope it continues and she’s not too polite to say she isn’t because we still look out for panda connected cornucopia for her. Bearing this in mind I thought panda tights would be an appropriate addition to our party. Received these as part […]

Gatta mock stock

Gatta mock stock

This is a first time for Gatta and I wasn’t let down with this pair called Loretta. A mock stocking with a leopard print thigh high garter. Good and sturdy, with a well defined pattern. Comfortable with minimal wrinkling. a very enjoyable pair of tights.

Paris in May

Paris in May

Don’t you wish you were in Paris in May. Ahh, but I’m not. I’m in freezing cold England where we don’t know if it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn. Well so long as the weather is cold I’ll be keeping these little pale legs covered in tights. I’m in mockstockings from China (Bofeisi) today, with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The opaque black lower leg is quite stretchy and not too tight. The upper natural part of the thigh is a bit tight and needs a little coaxing into place. They are a pair of tights that require a […]

Totoro tights again, kinda – Game On

Totoro Tights

Totoro tights today on this extremely windy English day. I’ve not worn these specifically for a post but they are on the site… can you find them? These were bought from a website from China and are part of what I call my China set. Since my first blog wearing a pair I can now reveal they are a brand called Bofeisi. I have three other posts from this set love devil, hello kitty and city skyline. They are black and tan pseudostockings with a printed design at the top. Quite strong lycra at the top because as I’ve mentioned […]

Cheeky Monkeys

I love this pair of tights because no one knows the swinging cheeky monkeys are there, unless they glimpse them through the split of my dress when I’m walking. I think they were from ASOS and they are black on nude. I did buy another pair at  the same time and that was a washing line, but that unfortunately lasted one wear because my finger went through them when I put them on and you know how I deal with ladders.

Hello Kitty!

Morning everyone. Today a pseudostocking, with a “Hello Kitty” peeking out. Black and nude from the job lot from China. These can get a little, well a bit more than a little tight around the tummy area after a day on so I just pull them down and release the tummy pressure every so often to get me to home time.