Picture from a Hospital Bed

Picture from a Hospital Bed

This is a picture from a hospital bed. The only thing I was semi looking forward to when I went into hospital was to update my blog with a pair of hospital compression stockings. Yes that’s how sad I am. So this is what was presented to me. A green toeless pair, that I had on for three days. At first, I didn’t realise they were toeless. Due to my short legs the nurses didn’t pull them up to reveal the toeless feature, so for two days I thought I’d punctured a hole in them with my big toe and […]

Ballerina boo hoo

Ballerina 285

Ballerina boo hoo, had a bit of a¬† cry when I put these on this morning. They came with a small ladder. I still wore them for the day and they will hold long enough to wash and wear again. Luckily for me the ladder is contained. So this pair of Ballerina hosiery art 285, consists of a general swirly pattern which winds from the foot, along the both sides of the leg and all the way to the thigh. The pattern at the front waved round to the leg which then troughed at the back. Beautiful stockings with, I […]

Figleaves Stockings

Figleaves stockings

Figleaves stockings today from my birthday gifts back in November. Opaque black and at 50 denier strong and thick, maybe too thick and elastic. They seemed to pull down my suspender belt so I was forever pulling it up so not sexy glamourous as I’d like to normally feel and be in this attire. The stockings themselves were very soft like one of those touchy feely paperback book covers. I liked the feel of these but the suspender belt malfunction was not a desired effect. Do I need a sturdier belt? or less elastic stockings?

Hello my name is Hose of fun and I’m a hoseaholic!

Collection 01/2016

Yes I’m a hoseaholic. I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more tights but it is the January sales and I couldn’t miss out on the sales. So from mystockings I got these packages which then turned into these tights And from simplyhosiery I got this Do I really need to buy anymore? Well cover pic is my collection of unopened brand new, never worn before packs of hosiery. So the simple answer to that is there is no simple answer, the world is a complicated place and no one knows how it all works. The only thing I […]

Tights tights tights

Christmas gifts 2015

Tights tights tights, they’re coming out my ears. News number 1… I won a competition and was the winner of some sexy stockings. Thank you Jonathan Aston! That was my bonus Xmas present and they arrived on Christmas Eve. And news number 2, what you’ve all been wanting to know, what I got for Christmas. Ta dah! So I’m stocked up again for a few more months!

Trying Out New Stuff

Black Stockings with Floral Tops

Trying Out New Stuff: the second blog post of the day Today I thought I’d try out some new stuff, specifically my birthday suspender belt with what I thought were some plain topped black stockings. Once I put them on however I realized that they have a pretty floral top pattern instead! Not sure where these came from as I’ve worn them before and they’ve just been sitting in my drawer for a while. Here’s my new suspender belt (from Figleaves):

Birthday Gifts

Birthday presents

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so I wanted to share my hosiery gifts. Stockings, holdups¬† and suspender belt from very handsome husband. Stockings and underwear from Figleaves and holdups by Charnos. I haven’t worn it properly yet but am looking forward to trying it out!

Favourite/New Hosiery? Fiore Kiriana

New Fiore Kiriana Holdups, ready to go to work!

Today I’m going to wear one of my brand new hosiery purchases and I’m really excited about it. Could these become my new favourites? But which pair should I pick? From this batch? …or this one? In the end I went with Kiriana black patterned holdups from the Golden Line range of the Polish company Fiore,which I bought from Simply Hosiery.

Exciting Purchases

Guess who’s been shopping? I have made some very exciting purchases. Can’t wait to wear them!!! All bought from simplyhosieryonline. Good range and quick to deliver. My problem is when do I wear them?! I have worn tights today but a repeat pair because I enjoyed their look so much I wanted to admire them again… And if you want to see the original post, “Wave Goodbye to your Thirties“

Blog of Fun

I’m nearly a month into blogging and it’s been fun and funny. It’s a brilliant method to share your interests with the outside world because frankly my friends have grown accustomed to my ways, well some of my ways. My biggest tip to starting a blog is to do a web search of your subject. This is obviously something that I failed to do until the following day after I’d bought a domain name and started the blog. The web is full of unsavoury items and unknown to me in my naive state, or maybe it was denial on my […]